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July 26, 2021
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As the awareness of search engine optimization is rising the importance of a good domain name is also on the rise. With the right name for your website, you can easily access your future customers and make sure that they will find you without any problems. But maybe you don’t know how you will get the very best name? Therefore, we have made you this guide to help you find the perfect domain name. 
1) Consulate a professional 
Your brand identity is core to your business and so is the name of your website. It could be the customers’ first experience with your business, so better make sure you would have the perfect name for your website. 
You can find professional experts to help you find the exact right name for your webpage. They have the experience on which names will be working the best for your website and have a great experience with all the most important checks. If you follow the link, you can get a free consultation with a branding expert, that will help you find an optimized domain name for your website. The name will be unique and gain better search results. 
2) Keep it short and simple 
There are a lot of tips on what to include in the name of your website. They are all important, but the most important must be: Keep it short. Your users don’t want to write long website addresses, and they are a lot more likely to make typos if you don’t keep it short and simple. We would recommend that you keep it to a maximum of 15 characters. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your users to remember the name of your website. 

Another great tip to make your website name memorable is by making sure it is easy to pronounce and spell the name of your website. Especially is you will also use your domain for email addresses. Then it should be a domain name, that can be said over a shaky telephone. 

3) Link it to your keywords 
With the right domain name, you can get more search results if you adopt the most important keyword to your name. Let’s say you do an online blog about developments of software it would be smart to use a name like Then more clicks would be guided your way from search results. Just by your name. But make sure that it’s not too niche. You should always make sure that you can expand or change your niche, without being limited to the name of the website. It can be difficult to write about how to bake muffins if you called your baking blog 

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of WeDigitiz by Arine Solutions Private Limited.

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